Pleated Cartridge Filters

Pleated Cartridge Filters

Approx Price: Rs 2,000
We have carved strong hold in the market among the top rated Polyester Pleated Cartridge Filters Suppliers within a very short span of time. We offer these cartridge filters in polypropylene and spunbond polyester, antistatic (aluminized) media, PTFE membrane and aramid. These Pleated Cartridge Filters increases the effective filter area significantly over conventional pleated synthetic media. PTFE Pleated Cartridge Filters are considered allowable media that prevents the collapsing of pleats under the constant operating pressure. They are designed specially with staggered dimpling on filtering surface which allows unrestricted air flow along with pulse cleaning at the ends of the pleats.

Dust Collection Filters

Approx Price: Rs 5 Lakh / Piece(s) 
Mantra Filtration Products,manufactures cartridge dust collectors for various small and large applications. Our cartridge dust collectors assure the most-efficient collection of very fine dust at higher filtration velocities, with better removal of collected dust for reduced pressure differential and much longer filter life.

Cartridge Filter with Polyester Media:

Filter Media Types:· 100% spun bond polyester· Polyester with antistatic treatment· Polyester with oil & water repellant treatment· Polyester with PTFE membrane

Durable and rigid material, washable·
Excellent resistance against electric conductance, oil and water·
Wide pleat spacing and smooth, hydrophobic PTFE provides excellent dust cake release·
Highest filter efficiency to meet the stringent efficiency requirements·
Excellent resistance to chemical erosion ,Chemical Resistance·
Hydrolysis resistance: excellent·
Acid resistance: very good·
 Alkaline Resistance: very good
 Dust Release: Excellent
Applicable Temperature: 120°C

Typical Applications:

Filtration for very fine dust types in Metal, Wood, Chemical, Pigment, Cement, Food Paper, Plastic, Shot Blasting, Welding Fume, Foundry, Pharmaceutical and other sticky agglomerative dust collections. Cartridge Filter with Cellulose Media.

Filter Media Types:
100% cellulose· Cellulose/Polyester blend· Cellulose with flame retardant treatment

Lowest energy consumption to save cost·
Great filter surface and airflow·
Uniform pleat spacing is maintained
Chemical Resistance:· Hydrolysis resistance: Fair· Acid resistance: Fair· Alkaline Resistance: Fair
Dust Release:
Good Applicable Temperature: 65°C

Typical Applications:· A wide applications, dry and granular shaped particulate such as Metal working, Shot Blasting, Mining industry, Chemical, Gas turbine

While other manufacturers patent their items and lock you into expensive aftermarket cartridge filters, our customers receive cost effective solutions for the initial project and when replacing filters or components in the future. They typically find our engineers responsive, our lead times accommodating, and our cartridge collectors maintenance friendly.

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