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Collecting Electrodes

Mantra Filtration provides typical collecting plate used in electrostatic precipitators.

  • Collecting plates are made from rolled steel, and are welded together in the factory to reduce the installation time at the job site. Each plate contains electrodes which are positively charged. When the particulate gas enters the electrostatic precipitator and is struck with a negative charge electrode, the positively charged plates act as magnet and pull the particulate gas to them
  • The plates have both top and bottom stiffeners and plates which allow better mounting and the ability to deal with more abuse from the rappers. The plates are arranged to form a series of gas passages
  • There can be anywhere from 30-35 passages inside the electrostatic precipitator shell. The plates are placed parallel to the incoming particulate gas. MFP supplies collecting plates suitable for all type of ESP like Ther max, Alstom, ACC, VT Corp, ELS-Elex etc
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