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Micron Filters

Mantra Filtration Products is a leading manufacturer of micron rated filter bags. Designed to meet the requirements of all types of liquid filtration applications, we manufacture filter bags for bag filter housings and for industry standard filter housings. We carry a wide range of media, and rings or flanges and can manufacture bags in all types and sizes.
Our main goal is to offer our customers the best and most complete water treatment solution for most domestic, commercial and industrial applications, allowing us to provide systems of the highest standard at competitive rates.


Dust Filters

Approx Price: Rs 300 / Piece(s) 
Mantra Filtration Products provides integrated dust extraction solutions to environmental dust control problems.We supply high performance industrial air filters.Our industrial air filtration solutions are industry leaders, pioneering effective filtration together with efficient processing and cost.

Nonwoven Filter Bags

Approx Price: Rs 300 / Piece(s) 

Our dust collector filter bags provide industry with the ideal tools to clean and treat their emissions into the atmosphere.

Filter Bags Media: Mantra Filtration Products, makes filter bags in Fiberglass, Fiberglass w/ Teflon B and PTFE membrane, P84(Polyamide), P84 w/ PTFE membrane, Teflon w/ PTFE membrane, PPS or Ryton, PPS or Ryton w/ PTFE membrane, Aramid, Nomex, Aramid w/ PTFE Membrane, Nomex w/ PTFE membrane, Acrylic Homopolymer,Polypropylene, Duo Density Polyester, Polyester w/ PTFE membrane, woven Polyester, and more.

Bag Finish and Purpose

Finish Type

Finish Purpose



Improved dust cake release

Polyester, Polypropylene, Acrylic, Nomex, Ryton, P84 felts


Provide short-term improvement of cake release

Polyester, Polypropylene felts


Initial dust cake development and limited water repellency

Polyester felts and woven

Flame Retardant

Retards combustibility

Polyester, Polypropylene felts and woven

Acrylic Coatings

Improved filtration efficiency and cake release

Polyester and Acrylic felts

PTFE Penetrating Finishing

Improved water and oil repellency; Limited cake release

Nomex felts


These medias are supplied in various weight and treatments. Anti-static,fire-retardant, oleo phobic,water repellent,PTFE coated and other treatments are available. Accommodating Lead Times: AAKASH FILTERS stocks over 5,000 filter bags, and various types of medias in order to meet demanding lead times. Shut-down time is too expensive to be without filter bags, and fines are too extreme to run without proper filtration.

With a wide-variety of particulates collected and the unique operating conditions for the various collection systems in use today, selecting the right replacements for your situation is especially significant to your operation. The use of nonwoven media with chemical resistance properties of our filter fabrics make it the best solution for the harsh environments of industrial filtration ensures efficient release of the dust cake, captures small particles thereby increases overall efficiency.


Custom Filter Bags

Envelope Filter Bags

Pocket Type Filter Bags

Reverse Air Filter Bags

Approx Price: Rs 4,000 / Piece(s) 
Reverse Air Bags

Shaker Filter Bags

Approx Price: Rs 250 / Piece(s) 
Shaker Bags

Woven Filter Bags

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